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  The Tools We Use

To help our clients achieve their goals, we use a range of tools including:

  • Benchmarking to generate the information, strategies, and tactics clients need to close the gaps between their companies and the competition.
  • Best Practices to identify and analyze world-class ways of carrying out an activity, regardless of what industry the best performers are in, and then to develop plans to assist clients in reaching that level.
  • Competitive Analysis to assess competitors' capabilities, intentions, strategies, tactics, strengths, and weaknesses and their implications for the client's business.
  • Market Discovery to find the markets which offer the highest profits and growth for clients' products and services. We can identify promising markets and market segments and assess their profitability, growth, opportunities, and risks.
  • Strategic Planning to help set the direction of a client's business, identify threats and opportunities, and develop the right strategies and tactics to create a new business and/or enter a new country or product market.
  • Supplier Analysis to reveal the goals, strategies, and capabilities of key suppliers and determine their implications for a client's business.
  • World Bank Opportunities Identification to help clients benefit from projects requiring consulting / contracting work and to take steps to win bids.

As a result of our experience, clients have been able to expand markets, increase profits, and strengthen their competitive position.

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